Procedures and Guidelines

1. For our current, as well as new students, we require that they complete the application packet and return it to the admission committee along with required documentations before the deadline to ensure registration of your child.

2. The registration fee will be $150.00 per child. NO APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT REGISTRATION FEE.

3. You must complete, sign and agree to the “ANNOOR ACADEMY TUITION CONTRACT” in order to enroll your child at this institution.

4. You must review and agree to all the terms and conditions of the revised tuition policy.

5. If you chose to apply for financial aid, you must agree to submit the Financial Aid application along with all the required documentations. Parents/Guardians must understand that Financial Aid is granted based on need and availability of limited funds. Therefore it is very important that you apply for it before the deadline.

6. Only completed applications will be reviewed for consideration of admission. Please place all the documents in a large envelope and drop it at the reception desk. Incomplete applications will be returned to the Parents/Guardians for re-submission.

If you have any questions /concerns, please send an email to Admission Committee at