School Policies

“Be Kind. Be Responsible. Be Respectful. Be Safe.”
These are Annoor Academy’s expectations for students, parents, and staff.

These expectations are the foundation of the school discipline guidelines. We at Annoor Academy expect our students to:
  1. Adhere to appropriate behavior and good manners in all areas of the school including the restrooms.
  2. Use kind words and greet with salaam whenever you see someone.
  3. Use appropriate language.
  4. Walk only to destination.
  5. Stay in the assigned place.
  6. Leave places clean and tidy.
  7. Use materials and equipment properly.
  8. Demonstrate a respectful manner towards teachers, elders, peers, and school property at all times.
Students are expected to comply with following safety rules.
  1. Your child is not permitted to bring dangerous or distracting articles to school, such as toys, guns, knives, water guns, or other similar articles.
  2. Instruct your child in stranger safety.
  3. Students are to stay on the playground or permitted area for play.
  4. Glass containers are not allowed to be brought to school.
  5. Chewing gum is not allowed in the school.
  6. Soda or soft drinks are not allowed to be brought for lunch/snack.
  7. No student is allowed to be outside without permission from his/her teacher.
  8. Mutilation or destruction of school property must be paid for by parents of students responsible, and disciplinary action will be taken.
  9. Running in the hallway, pushing, shoving, yelling, whistling, and slamming doors will not be acceptable behavior.
  10. Students will be disciplined and/or suspended for fighting.
The following are strictly prohibited:
  • Name calling
  • Cussing
  • Teasing
  • Lying
  • Use of native language to insult others
Classroom Discipline Plan
On the first day of school, each teacher will send home a copy of the classroom discipline plan. This plan outlines for the student and parent(s) the organization of the classroom.

At any time, a staff member may address inappropriate behavior and students are required to respect the authority of every adult in this building.

Classroom Rules:
  • Stay seated
  • Keep hands, feet and belonging to yourself
  • Keep silent. Raise hand when needed to speak
  • Follow instructions and focus
  • Keep everything in place
Homework Policy
Students will be required to complete the assignment and return it to the school by the due date. For the 3rd grade and up students, failure to return the assignment by the due date will result in the following consequences:
1st day late – 10 points off
2nd day late – 20 points off
3rd day late – 30 points off
4th day late – results in a zero
For students with an excused absence, students will be given 2 days per absent day to complete their homework and classwork.

Salah Policy
Annoor Academy students’ grades 1-8 are required to attend daily Dhutor prayer. All girls and boys must adhere to the Islamic dress code to be able to enter the musallah. Girls’ grades 1-5 must bring their hijab daily and if they do not, they must purchase one from the school.  

Musallah (prayer room): should be marked as silent zone
  • Say “Bismillah” and enter using your right foot
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Keep quiet
  • Make dhikr while not praying
Playground Rules
Many children use the playground daily. In order to ensure safety for all, please follow the rules below:
  1. Use the bathroom before going out to the playground so that you do not have to come back inside during playtime.
  2. Use equipment properly.
  3. Throwing rocks, mulch, or other harmful objects is not allowed. Leave rocks, sand, mulch, snow, etc. on the ground.
  4. Play in the assigned areas only.
  5. Line up and walk only to and from the playground.
  6. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  7. Wait patiently for your turn.
  8. Stay away from physical harm (avoid pushing, throwing and running fast)
  9. On the stop signal, Stop, Look, and Listen.
Commons Area (Cafeteria) Guidelines
The Commons Area (Cafeteria) is a place where students should enjoy their lunch with their friends. Students who follow these rules will make it a pleasant place to eat.
  1. Say dua before and after eating.
  2. Walk at all times.
  3. Remain seated at your table. 
  4. Always use your “inside” voice with appropriate conversation.
  5. Use good manners.
  6. Keep food in its proper place.
  7. Always follow the teacher’s direction on the first request.
  8. Talk only when you are done with food.
  9. Hands, feet and belonging to yourself.
  10. Leave the place clean and tidy
Front Office Rules (should be known as silent zone)
  • Be silent.
  • Hands, feet and belonging to yourself.
  • Whisper voice when need to talk.
Hallway and Stairs (should be marked as quiet zone)
  • Be silent.
  • Always stay on your right side.
  • Walk only.
  • Hands and feet to yourself.
  • Whisper “Allahu Akbar” for going up and “SubhanAllah” while going down.
Bathroom Rules
  • Read duaa’ before entering and after leaving the bathroom.
  • Use water to clean yourself.
  • Clean up any mess you make.
  • Always keep the floor dry.
  • Maintain personal space. One stall should have one person only.
  • Use soap for washing hands only.
  • Exit the bathroom clean and dry.
Principal’s Discipline Plan
Teachers are expected to deal with their students in an orderly and constructive manner. When a child is sent to the principal for severe behavior problems, it is regarded as a serious matter. There will be a discipline referral sent by the teacher with the student. Depending on the seriousness of the situation and/or the number of previous referrals to the office, the principal will choose to conference with the student(s), contact parent(s) by telephone or in writing. Students may be suspended out of school based on continuous behavior problems.

Tips for Students

“Be nice to everyone. You’ll have lots of friends if you do.”
“If you don’t understand something, ask your teacher for help.”
“Homework is important. Do all of it. You’ll get better grades.”
“Be organized.”
“Do things outside of school. You can play a sport or join a club. You’ll meet new friends and have fun, too.”

Tips for Parents 
Elementary and Middle School is a time of change. Most students go through several stages and lots of ups and downs during the school years.

The tips below will help you guide and advise your children during these important years.
  1. At the end of each grading period, sit down with your child and discuss what went well during the grading period and what could be improved.
  2. Encourage your child to be involved in activities both in and out of school. Show your support by attending performances, games, etc.
  3. Make sure that your child is in school, on time, every day.
  4. Attend the open houses and parent conferences. Check QuickSchools for information and updates.
  5. Realize that it’s your child’s responsibility to get homework done, prepare for tests, and follow the rules. 
  6. Work together with the school. Teachers and the principal are there to help your child get the best education possible.
  7. Look for opportunities to praise good grades and extra effort.
  8. Make sure that your child isn’t spending too much time on the phone, playing computer games, or watching TV. Set limits that include enough time sleep and play time.
  9. Help your child develop good organizational skills.
  10. Talk to your child about what’s happening in school and be a good listener.
  11. Whenever possible, help your child figure out how to take care of problems on their own. Your child will gain confidence and become more independent.
  12. Make school a top priority.